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Pregnancy is an amazing experience filled with joy and expectation, through which we experience first-hand the miracle of life being created within us.  It can also be a challenging time as our bodies grow and change in so many ways that may seem beyond our control.

But there are steps you can take to ensure your body is well-prepared for the changes and able to adapt healthfully.

My Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Program will support you through this exciting time with:

  • Tailor made eating plans for pregnancy and breast feeding – there’s so much confusion out there about what you should and shouldn’t eat
  • Treatment to help you cope with some of the less enjoyable symptoms of pregnancy, such as:
    • Morning sickness
    • Low energy
    • Constipation
    • Reflux
    • Blood sugar issues
    • High blood pressure

My Program will also help you:

  • By ensuring labour is quick and easy and you deliver a strong, healthy baby
  • Avoid post natal depression
  • Overcome any breast feeding issues and have a good supply of nutritious milk
  • Treat any colic or skin issues in your new baby
  • Cope with life with a new baby

Discover more about my programs: Healthy Pregnancy, Labour and Birth and Successful Breast Feeding by watching my video

Thank you again for everything you have done for me this year. When I think of how tired, stressed and unwell I felt back in February to where I am now, you truly are a miracle worker! Joel and I are both so excited for our pregnancy and have so much to be grateful to you for.

Emily , Summer Hill 


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