Fees and Rebates

Adult consultations

1st Appointment: Initial Consultation and Testing: 60 mins  $185

2nd Appointment: Report of Findings and Treatment Plan: 45 mins  $135

Follow up Consultations: 30 mins  $90

Phone/Skype:  Initial 60 mins $185

Follow up Consultations: 30 mins $90 / 15 mins $45


Online consultations

Email consultation: $135


Children’s consultations (12 years and under)

Initial consultation: 45 mins  $135

Follow up consultations:  30 mins $90


Email consultations

Current patients are able to apply for an email consultation with Susan in acute scenarios. These consultations are helpful if patients have questions in between appointments. They are usually available within 24-72 hours depending on Susan’s commitments.  These consultations do not replace a proper follow up appointment.

These consultations are useful for situations including:

  • Updating information about a particular issue
  • Queries about ongoing management and treatment
  • Discussing results of a test
  • Sending copies of test results and reports
  • Organising tests and referrals

There is a fee involved based on the time taken for Susan to complete what is required. Generally it is anticipated that it would take between 15-30 minutes and you will be charged accordingly. Payment is made via credit card and you will be issued with a receipt within 24 hours.



Health fund rebates
Consultation fees are claimable through most private health funds.
Medicines are claimable from some health funds. Please check with your individual provider for more details about your eligibility.

Net Medical Expenses Tax Offset (Australian Residents only)
Naturopathic health consultations and supplements prescribed by a Health Practitioner can be included as part of the tax-deductible medical expenses incurred each year. The main requirement for this arrangement is for the patient to be referred to the practitioner by a Medical Doctor.
In order for you to be able to claim the costs incurred from the
consultation and prescription, you will need to get a referral to your
practitioner from a Doctor before you attend the consultation. You can claim a tax offset of 20% (that is, 20 cents in the dollar) of your net medical expenses over the set threshold.

The threshold is indexed and changes each year. It is:

$2,120 for 2012-13
$2,060 for 2011-12
$2,000 for 2010-11
$1,500 for 2009-10

There is no upper limit to the amount you can claim.
For more information visit: Net medical expenses tax offset.


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