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Genetic testing is certainly changing the way we work, creating all kinds of awe-inspiring possibilities. It’s the future of healthcare and, at Women’s Health, Naturally, I am able to  personally profile your health, your future risks and provide effective natural treatments that better your quality of life… now and in the future.

Why do Genetic Testing?

New “cutting edge” scientific technology, backed by extensive medical research, is now commercially available to test genes that directly influence our fitness, health and nutrition.

This effectively means I am able to personalise a program tailored to individual needs in terms of adjusting diet, exercise and lifestyle choices which can lead to significant improvements in your overall health and well-being.

How Is Genetics Testing Done?

With a simple, one-time only test, we use cutting-edge technology to map your genetic profile.  With our advanced Genetic Testing, you’ll get a DNA blueprint and learn how well your genes fit into your current diet and lifestyle. It will also reveal the full potential of your present and future health and wellness.

I will then develop a treatment plan that fits your specific genetic make up. With personalized medicine and individual diet, I can help you to avoid or delay the onset of illnesses to which you are predisposed to.

There’s no reason to waste time or money on unnecessary treatments. The information that your DNA genetic testing reveals will let me know what your body needs to stay healthy. I can diagnose medically, treat naturally when I know what your body is facing and/or currently going through.

What Does The Future Hold For Your Health?

What are the benefits of genetic testing?  You may have potential health issues that you are currently unaware of.  Would you rather be in the dark about your potential health problems? Or, would you like a chance to learn if you’re at risk for:

  • Heart attack?
  • Stroke?
  • Diabetes?
  • Cancer?
  • Anxiety or depression?
  • Could your genes be the reason you can’t lose weight?

Would you like to know how to best care for your partner or family? Genetics Testing provides the answers. With a once only gene test, you can learn what you are at risk of, and also how you can reduce or totally eliminate that risk.

Can We Change Our Genes?

Simply, it is not possible to change our genes, however what we can do is compensate for their influence by making the correct nutritional, fitness and lifestyle choices.

There is a common misconception that our “inherited genes” determine our fate in life. In fact, extensive research now tells us that this is not necessarily so.

You cannot change your DNA but you can make choices that affect whether or not your genes are triggered.

In the last 20 years or so, researchers have worked tirelessly on mapping the human genome. And, because of that a new science was born. It’s known as epigenetics, which is the study of gene activity changes that don’t involve changes to the genetic code but are carried on by a future generation.  Epi stands for above, and it’s these marks that inform the genes to turn on or off, to talk loudly or softly.  It has been discovered that environmental factors like stress, diet, exercise, prenatal nutrition, can have a huge impact on our genes – and what is and is not passed onto the next generation.

The possibility of learning more about the DNA and genes is great and could have a huge impact on future generations.

What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the ability to influence the effects of various genes using specific and targeted nutrition, fitness and lifestyle interventions.

The objective of this discipline is to translate the most recent genetic research into practical everyday applications for improving fitness, health and nutritional outcomes.

Which Genes are tested?

By applying the science of Nutrigenetics, our testing analyses specific lifestyle and health related genes, which proactively influence:

  • Weight Management
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Bone Health
  • Fitness and Exercise

How Does Nutrition Influence My Genes?

Our genes do not function in isolation; instead, gene activity depends on a variety of nutrients as co-factors.

Nutrients provide the building blocks of our genes as well as determining their level of activity. Many of our genes are essentially act like a “dimmer switch” on a light – they can be effectively “dialled up” or “dialled down” depending on what foods we choose to put into our mouth.

Can A Genetic Test Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals?

Are you struggling to drop kilos despite a healthy diet and exercise regime? The answer may be in your genes.

Recent research by Stanford University investigated whether people who were assigned diets based on their genes lose more weight than those who are not. In other words, did they lose more weight than people who didn’t follow the diet that was appropriate to their genetics?
What was learned was that more weight loss and various other benefits were seen with people whose diets actually matched their genes.  The study revealed two key things:

  • Individuals following the genotype-appropriate diets had a 5.3 percent loss compared to people who did not follow a diet that correlated with their genotype – they had a loss of 2.3 percent.
  • The difference in weight loss was greater when people followed the low carb or low fat diets – 6.8 percent loss in weight for genotype-matched participants compared to just 1.4 percent with the other group.

Therefore, the weight loss difference was noted for people who actually followed a diet that matched their specific genotype compared to those dieters who used whatever they could to lose weight. The possibility of using a gene test to help people lose weight without turning to drugs could help solve the ongoing epidemic of obesity in society.

How Do My Genes Affect Exercise?

Exercise is normally undertaken without “inside intelligence” or without knowing your personal genetic make-up, making it difficult to identify the specific frequency, type and intensity of exercise your body will best respond to in order to maximise your physiological capabilities.

Personal genetic profiling ensures a better understanding of your own physical capabilities, allowing for more targeted and specific interventions to be designed and implemented, ensuring your goals match your own genetics through well-managed exercise regimens.

What are the benefits?

In essence, by matching your individual genetic makeup with your lifestyle (diet and exercise), you will:

  • Age better
  • Understand how your body works to ensure you make better lifestyle choices
  • Reduce or eliminate the possibility for chronic health diseases and treat current health problems
  • Boost your concentration and energy levels
  • Learn what diet is best to follow to help with weight loss
  • Learn what supplements will assist your body to stay in top shape
  • Learn what maintenance weight loss strategies are ideal for your body

Personalized Wellness Medicine is the Future of Healthcare, Experience It NOW!

We know now that a one-size, fits-all diet, healthcare and lifestyle does not work – for anyone. Thus, in light of this new information, it is imperative people learn what their unique genes are to stay healthy, which can only be done with a genetics test.  Remember, all living organisms are products of genes and how those genes interact with the environment.

In simple terms, your genes, environment and lifestyle are important parts of a healthy lifestyle. And, we now know that just because you might have a genetic tendency to something, it does not mean those genes will be activated and switched ON.

Unlock Your Genetic Potential through Genetic DNA Testing

By looking at the results, I can help you to get the most from your diet and change your lifestyle to “turn off or down” the negative genes that hinder your good health. This state-of-the-art genetic testing truly is predictive and preventative medicine at its best.

How to Get Your Genetic Test

This one-time only genetic test costs $545. While it is not cheap, this cost will certainly change how you choose to do things in your life, and it only ever needs to be done once in your life.

  • Order the testing kit.   Click here to order your genetic testing kit.
  • Use the oral swab to collect your DNA and send it out to a laboratory.
  • Set up an appointment with our specialist gene-testing practitioners at Women’s Health, Naturally. This appointment can be done in three ways: in person, over the phone or by Skype. Be sure you set the appointment up three weeks after you’ve carried out the test.  During your consultation, you will begin the 12-week Fact Track to Health Program.

Fast Track to Health Program: What Is It and How Will It Help You?

The Fast Track to Health Program was created to help you get the most benefit from your individualized genetic test.  It can be difficult to understand the invaluable information you learn from the DNA genetic test about your genetic profile. Therefore, the program ensures the information is broken down into manageable chunks. The program is designed to teach you three things:

  • Nutritional supplements that are most advantageous for you
  • Best foods you should be eating
  • Exercise that has a more positive effect for your body

The Fast Track to Health Program gets rid of guessing of what will and will not work for you. And, that’s because the results you get are based on what your genetic test results say.

I will help you understand the Fitgenes Fast Track to Health Program with a number of educational consultants, ensuring that you feel better both physically and mentally.

Additional Benefits

I’ll educate you about how to make healthier choices for yourself to ensure:

  • You are able to easily maintain your new lifestyle and make healthier choices for the long run.
  • For people planning to have children, you can boost the generational benefits through positive epigenetic effects – improving the quality of your gene expression so that your children can benefit from your good choices.

It’s recommended that you check out my very successful How to Conceive Naturally Program.

The investment you make in bettering your long-term health and well-being is worth the money you pay for the DNA genetics test.

If you’re ready to get the benefits of genetic testing, all you need to is order your test kit. If you want to learn more about our services, you can watch our video and read the fact sheet.

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