hormone1 Hormone Imbalance

Don’t struggle with unpleasant hormone imbalance symptoms.
I can eradicate your symptoms with three months of natural hormone imbalance treatment.

Millions of women at all stages of life experience hormone imbalance symptoms daily and don’t even realise it. They range from the not-so-good to the bad and the downright ugly!

Do any of these hormone imbalance symptoms sound familiar?

Menstrual cycles

Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth

  • I’ve had three miscarriages, and I’m desperate not to have another
  • I don’t know when I am fertile
  • My morning sickness is so bad I can’t keep anything down
  • I’m having trouble becoming pregnant
  • I’m really worried about my milk supply


  • I think I am starting menopause
  • Hot sweats are driving me mad
  • Why am I so irritable and cranky all the time?
  • I don’t feel like having sex anymore
  • I am experiencing vaginal dryness and it hurts when we make love

Weight Management

  • I’ve tried every kind of diet and nothing works
  • I can’t lose weight no matter how little I eat!
  • I feel bloated all the time
  • I get really tired around 3 in the afternoon and have to eat something sweet

And those other things that just happen with us:

  • I’m itchy…down there
  • I have an abnormal discharge
  • I’m in my 30s and still have acne
  • I have excessive facial hair
  • I just don’t feel good on the Pill

These symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women are commonly indicators of conditions like pre-menstrual syndrome, polycystic ovaries, low thyroid levels and menopause.

Although, some women feel a little shy, upset or confounded by what’s happening within their body, I want you to know it’s ok. Because at Women’s Health Naturally, I not only understand what causes hormonal imbalance, I also know the natural remedies for hormonal imbalance that work effectively and promise to treat you with the utmost sensitivity, respect and discretion.

I specialise in treating hormone imbalance in women

If any of these hormone imbalance symptoms sound like you – please don’t despair because you needn’t be held hostage by your hormones.At Women’s Health Naturally, I’ve helped hundreds of women overcome these sorts of problems with natural hormone imbalance treatment. I’d love to help you too.

Discover more about our hormone imbalance treatments in my video  or see the page on your specific condition where you’ll find great fact sheets, or simply make a booking.

To best support your treatment I recommend the following books and programs available in our eshop:

A Blessing not a curse

The Pill

Detox diet plan for Conception & Hormone Balance

“I came to see Sue after being diagnosed with the CIN 2 virus. At age 44 my obstetrician had not given me much hope of clearing it and said I would probably need surgery.

After reading the obstetrician’s report, Sue immediately put me onto a course of herbs and vitamins and overhauled my lifestyle including diet and exercise.

Four months later I had lost weight, my hormones, which were all over the place, had settled and I felt strong and healthy. And, my obstetrician was amazed when a test showed I was clear of the virus.
I recommend that any woman who has similar symptoms make an appointment with Sue at Women’s Health, Naturally.”

Heather, Five Dock


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