LowThyroid Low Thyroid Levels

Low thyroid levels commonly affect us in later life from the age of 40 onwards. In fact, around one in 10 women aged over 65 experience them with a condition known as hypothyroidism.

Do you experience any of these low thyroid symptoms?

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Depression or low mood
  • Dry skin
  • Constipation or sluggish digestion
  • Feeling the cold
  • Brain fog and difficulty concentrating

Then chances are your thyroid is not functioning properly and is underactive, regardless of what other practitioners might have told you to the contrary.

Understanding low thyroid levels

There can be many causes of low thyroid symptoms, ranging from iodine deficiency to autoimmune disease and adverse side effects from medical treatments.

The thyroid gland is really the master conductor of the body, so when it is underactive, everything becomes sluggish. Thyroid levels govern metabolism, in other words, how fast your bodily processes are occurring. So when it’s not up to speed, you may feel as if you’re running on flat batteries! Sometimes what just feels like the side effects of ageing and a busy lifestyle, is in fact directly thyroid related.

You don’t need to live with low thyroid symptoms!

At Women’s Health Naturally, I provide natural treatment for thyroid.

Firstly I conduct in-depth pathology and hormonal testing to find out exactly what is happening with your thyroid. You may have been told by your GP that there is nothing wrong with your thyroid. However my specialist testing is more thorough, and I can often diagnose problems with thyroid levels that other testing has not revealed.

Natural remedies for hypothyroidism

I will then use natural thyroid treatment such as advanced nutritional support, powerful botanical medicine and diet and lifestyle recommendations to bring your thyroid levels back to normal.

Take action now to improve your mood, lose weight, gain more energy and feel better than you have felt for years. It’s a gift you give yourself with moment-to-moment benefits.

For more helpful information about low thyroid levels and immediate tips to treat it, please read our Fact Sheet, or view this video by Founder, Susan Garrad.

Susan at Women’s Health, Naturally has helped me improve my physical and emotional well being enormously. One of the best things about working with Susan is that she explains what is occurring inside the body and why it is happening. The respect she showed me to understand and be involved in my recovery has empowered me to maintain long term health and well-being.

It seems to me that Susan’s methods of treating the patient holistically not only relieves symptoms but creates the opportunity for a vibrant, healthy life. When I first visited Susan I was suffering from long term symptoms that general practitioners and specialists were at a loss to explain. Susan explained that she has many years of university study and clinical practice as the foundation for her technique of treating the body not as a series of parts but as a functioning organism that must have balance to function effectively.

Over several sessions Susan and I worked together to address the underlying health issues caused by a modern lifestyle. Because I had been feeling low for such a long time I found that as my health incrementally improved I was astonished by how good it was possible to feel.

I trust Susan’s advice, and recommend Women’s Health, Naturally.

Sarah , Ashfield


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