Period Problems Period Problems

We women have a lot on our plates these days and problem periods can really create havoc. If you suffer from heavy bleeding or period problems then you probably dread getting your period every month.

It may be so bad that you worry about leaving the house in case you have an ‘accident’.  You may find it difficult to work and carry on your normal life because of flooding and needing to be near a toilet to change your pad or tampon.

Or you may experience such intense period pain symptoms that you feel nauseous and may even vomit and have to spend the day in bed curled up with a hot water bottle.

The key thing to know is that heavy bleeding with clots, flooding, and bleeding lasting more than five days is NOT normal and does need to be investigated. Together with period pain symptoms, it can be a sign that all is not  right with your hormones and you may have a condition such as endometriosis, fibroids or uterine polyps. These are all hormone imbalance symptoms that are treatable and that’s important for your long-term health and wellbeing.

How we can help

At Women’s Health, Naturally,  I start by thoroughly investigating what may be causing your heavy bleeding and period pain symptoms through pathology testing, hormone testing and menstrual charting.

After diagnosing medically, I can then treat you naturally by formulating a specific treatment program tailored to your needs to bring you the quickest possible relief and long-lasting results.

For immediate tips and to learn more, download our fact sheet. And to start discovering what it feels like to be free of period problems, please make a booking.

Discover more about natural remedies for period problems and hormone imbalance in this video by Founder, Susan Garrad.

To best support your treatment we recommend the following books and programs available in our eshop:

When I first came to see Sue I was suffering from extreme period pain every month. The pain was so severe that on the first and second days of my period I was often unable to work and had to take high strength painkillers. This had been going on for years. After four months of treatment with herbal medicine and supplements I experienced my first period completely free of pain. It was like a miracle! I really couldn’t believe what a difference the treatment made. I now no longer have to take any herbal medicine and the pain has not returned. I would strongly recommend anyone who suffers from regular period pain to make an appointment with Sue at Women’s Health, Naturally.



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