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Polycystic ovaries or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects almost one in five Australian women, and almost 70% of sufferers don’t even know they have it.   PCOS can be the cause of everything from irregular periods to persistent acne and weight gain around your middle, excessive facial hair and hair loss. Maybe it’s not just a case of unlucky genes!

Women with PCOS generally have bigger than average ovaries and the fact they are polycystic means the ovaries have many small, immature follicles that rarely, if ever, grow to maturity and produce eggs capable of being fertilised.

As a result, Polycystic ovaries are also the number one cause of infertility in Australian women. The condition also put sufferers at greater risk of diabetes, especially if you’re overweight.

PCOS can be a complex condition to treat. But if you’ve experienced these PCOS symptoms, been diagnosed with PCOS or you’re worried about PCOS and pregnancy, at Women’s Health Naturally, I can help with scientifically proven natural treatments.

How we help treat polycystic ovaries

Medical treatment for PCOS generally involves the oral contraceptive pill, which can help control some of the side effects of this condition. However, this treatment also commonly results in side-effects such as tiredness, reduced libido and changes in liver function.

At Women’s Health, Naturally  I go deeper by working with my patients to get to the root cause of their problem, diagnosing medically and treating naturally. I use science-based nutritional supplements and high strength botanical medicines to get you results fast, particularly if you are trying to conceive.

I also prescribe a specific polycystic ovary syndrome diet together with an exercise program to help you with weight loss and to regain your health and vitality.

I have helped countless patients reverse PCOS with our weight loss, exercise and dietary programs!

Please don’t put up with unpleasant PCOS symptoms a moment longer. Make a booking now and let’s get started. For strategies to immediately start dealing with PCOS and more great information, please download my fact sheet.

Discover more about natural remedies for PCOS in my video.

To best support your treatment  I recommend the following books and programs available in our eshop:

Thank you again for everything you have done for me this year. When I think of how tired, stressed and unwell I felt back in February to where I am now, you truly are a miracle worker! Joel and I are both so excited for our pregnancy and have so much to be grateful to you for.

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