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Pre-menstrual syndrome affects millions of Australian women every month. PMS symptoms such as bloating, headaches, tender and full breasts, irritability, mood swings, anxiety and depression are all too common. They are sometimes so severe they affect your relationships, your ability to study or work, and to simply enjoy life.

Many women think PMS symptoms are normal and just something to cope with every month. But at Women’s Health, Naturally I help women discover they definitely are not!

You don’t need to experience unpleasant PMS symptoms

My three month Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Program works by balancing your hormones, smoothing out the ups and downs, reducing the pain and helping you to simply feel like yourself throughout each month so you can focus on getting on with life.

My PMS treatment uses a combination of:

  • Scientifically validated nutritional medicines
  • Powerful botanical medicine, and
  • Proven diet and lifestyle recommendations

Within three months your PMS symptoms will begin to disappear. I say that’s three-months well spent for a lifetime with more time, energy and better hormonal health!

For great detailed information about Pre-menstrual syndrome, how my treatment works and what you can do to get started right away, download our Fact Sheet.

Discover more about natural remedies for Pre-menstrual syndrome in my video.

To best support your treatment  I recommend the following books and programs available in my eshop:

I had been having crippling panic attacks and feeling physically ill for 15 months.  I saw several doctors who told me my symptoms were all ‘just anxiety’.  Then I was lucky enough to find Women’s Health, Naturally.   Susan knew exactly the right tests to order and quickly diagnosed the actual causes of my symptoms.  She then treated the problems naturally with herbs and dietary changes (and alot of patience, kindness and compassion).

Louisa, Chester Hill 


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