MedicalWeightLoss How to lose 5 kg before Christmas

Losing weight fast, especially before Christmas can be difficult.

Start by correcting some of those ‘bad’ eating habits:

Don’t eat while you are doing other activities e.g. watching TV.  Eat only at the table, not at the fridge or while standing.

Don’t eat quickly.  If you eat slowly it gives your mind enough time to register that you are full.  Make sure you cut your food into smaller pieces and try to stop loading your fork until the previous mouthful is finished.

Don’t buy ‘junk’, high calorie foods.  Always take a list when you go shopping to prevent impulse buying.

Buy snack foods in the smallest package.  The larger the size, the more you are likely to eat and drink.  E.g. if you like to treat yourself to potato chips, buy small packs not the ‘jumbo’size.

Plan meals in advance.  This will definitely help to prevent consumption of high calorie junk food.

Plan a strategy to avoid overeating at social events.  Have a large nutritious snack before going out, so you are not as hungry and tempted to overeat.

Do not use smoking as a method of reducing appetite.

By following these guidelines, you will lost weight without really trying and look amazing for the Christmas holidays!