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My Conceive Naturally Program has an 80% success rate! This compares with just 20% for a healthy delivery through IVF.

My completely natural infertility treatments get better results than IVF and are far less invasive and as a bonus, significantly cheaper.

I use natural ways to increase fertility and improve egg and sperm quality

Where IVF infertility treatments are very effective at connecting egg and sperm together, my Program has the power to improve the quality of your egg and your partner’s sperm so that conception can take place naturally and from better quality stock!

This is because the health of your egg and your partner’s sperm reflects the health or toxicity of the environment in which they grow; in other words, how you have been living your life during the four months they have been maturing.

To give you an idea, the quality of your egg and sperm are hugely affected by:

  • What toxicity or radiation you’ve been exposed to
  • How good your diet is
  • How much alcohol, cigarettes and coffee you’ve been indulging in
  • Your general state of health

Did that get you thinking? I hope so.

The How to Conceive Naturally Program Program works by using powerful herbs for fertility, advanced nutritional medicine and diet and lifestyle changes to prepare your body for conception. You also learn:

  • the best time to conceive
  • how to conceive
  • scientifically proven tips on getting pregnant

It runs over four months before conception – as this is how long it takes for your egg to mature ready for ovulation, and for sperm to generate.

I understand that you want to be pregnant yesterday. But there is just too much evidence out there supporting the fact that these four months of preconception care are absolutely critical. Not just in getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby, but new research shows that your state of health in the months before conception can actually dictate how healthy your child will be throughout their ENTIRE LIFE. Wow!

It’s also long been known that mum’s health is crucial in achieving a healthy pregnancy, but new evidence is showing dad’s health is just as important.

If dad is overweight at the time of conception – a new study has shown that his children are at far greater risk of diabetes and obesity later in life. Here’s a link to the study if you want to read more:–Epigenetic-Legacy/

Hard to believe isn’t it? It makes getting pregnant a big responsibility, as some would say you owe it to your child to give them the best start in life.

It always amazes me that we go to so much effort in other areas of our lives to make sure we get a good outcome. We don’t just rush into buying the first house we see, or buy a car without doing some research. Yet it seems many people don’t put the same amount of effort and energy into arguably the most important part of our lives – creating human life.

I say it’s well worth it because I have seen the effects of this program on hundreds of our patients and the amazing babies that are created.

Okay. Let’s sum up.

By doing the How to Conceive Naturally Program you will:

  • Learn how to recognise the best time to conceive so you conceive quickly and easily: 80% of our patients get pregnant in the first three months after doing the program
  • Understand in depth how to conceive with our comprehensive tips on getting pregnant
  • Have a healthy pregnancy with a much lower risk of miscarriage
  • Deliver a healthy baby with a much lower risk of birth defects  (these babies are absolutely gorgeous – there’s no colic, their skin is clear, they are happy and settled and really thrive!) Have a profoundly positive effect on the long term health of your child – right through to their old age.

Sounds good doesn’t it. In other words it is essential that conception ONLY occurs after four months of healthy eating, lifestyle and nutritional support.

I’m ready if you are!

For great in-depth information and tips to help you start straight away, please download the Fact Sheet,  check out our Conceive Naturally FAQs and watch our video.


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Sawyer Thomas Smith – just one of the beautiful babies we helped create through our How to Conceive Naturally Program

Hi Susan,

I have some positive news, so far. Jonny and I were very excited to hear bub’s little beating heart for the first time yesterday. It was such a relief after the challenges of the past two years.

I know we’re not out of the woods yet but I feel confident that the changes I’ve made, with your help and guidance, have made a significant difference in terms of helping my body function the way it should.

Sandra, Belfield


How successful is the program?
We have an 80 per cent success rate for live births to those couples previously infertile. This compares to a 20 percent success rate for IVF treatment.

What will the How to Conceive Naturally program do for us?
You will:

  • Know your most fertile times. Did you know that your chance of conception drops from 26% to 9% only one day after ovulation? Understanding your cycle is essential for conception!
  • Be both passing on the healthiest optimum genetic material to produce a healthy baby.
  • Be up to date with the latest evidence on dietary changes that will increase your fertility.  Did you know that only one glass of wine or coffee decreases your fertility?
  • Learn how to make changes to your lifestyle to enhance your fertility.

You will dramatically decrease the chances of:

  • Premature and stillbirths
  • Low birth weight
  • Post natal depression
  • Breastfeeding difficulties
  • Birth defects
What conception problems can the Program address?

Our Program has repeatedly proven it can overcome imbalances leading to infertility such as:

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Irregular or no menstrual cycle
  • Infrequent or no ovulation
  • Poor sperm parameters:  both quality and quantity
  • Lack of fertile mucous
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Excess weight
What does the program involve?

The program is all about achieving maximum health for you and your partner. During the program you will be following a tailor made treatment plan, including:

  • A comprehensive detox to cleanse your body of any toxicity
  • Clinically proven natural medicines, herbs and supplements
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Cycle charting and timing techniques
  • Treatment for any underlying causes of infertility

Who is it for?
The program offers support for couples with fertility problems and also for couples who simply want their child to have the healthiest start to life.

Why do we need to do this program?
To increase your chance of having a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby it is necessary to undertake a program of preconception health care, prior to conception.  A healthy diet and lifestyle are essential for optimum fertility.

The health of your baby is in great part decided before a pregnancy is even in sight. You see, by eight weeks gestation your baby’s health blueprint is already created, as are his or her tiny organs and little fingerprints! At this stage your baby’s health vulnerabilities and strengths are set by the ‘map’ guiding this miracle of creation. It is fair to say that once a pregnancy is established your child’s health potential becomes the lowest common denominator of you and your partner’s health at the point of conception.

How do I overcome fertility problems and give my child the best possible start in life?
It’s simple. Ensure you and your partner are in optimum health at least 120 days prior to a conception attempt — whether you are trying to conceive naturally or using any form of assisted reproductive technologies.

Will it work for us?
The chances of a successful outcome are highest if:

1. Both prospective parents take part in the program,

2. Lifestyle and dietary protocols are followed as closely as possible, and

3. General and reproductive health issues for both partners are resolved to a sufficient degree during this time.

The closer the program is followed, the higher the success rate!

How do the side effects of the How to Conceive Naturally Program compare to the risks of IVF?
There are many side effects of our program -  all of them I’m sure you will enjoy.

Some common side effects include:
- Increased energy levels and an overall feeling of vitality.
- Improved emotional and hormonal balance
- Achievement of healthy weight
- Ability to cope calmly with life’s stresses.
- Conception and birth of a healthy baby.

When you look at the above side effects don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your baby to follow the preconception protocols?

I don’t have a problem with fertility but I have now multiple miscarriages, can your program help us to carry our baby to term?
A miscarriage is a devastating loss, from the minute a couple know that they are pregnant they start planning for their arrival of their baby. To experience the emotional pain of one miscarriage is heartbreaking  for both partners, let alone going through this pain two or three times. Women often feel that it may be their fault or that there is something wrong with them. There are a number of causes that we address with recurrent miscarriage and a number of studies have shown that low sperm count and poor morphology can be a causative factor in miscarriage.
The good news is the number of sperm and their morphology are one of the easiest causes of miscarriage to treat with; lifestyle changes nutritional and herbal medicine.

Other causes of miscarriage which the program can treat include:
- Fibroids,

- Anti-phospholipid syndrome
- Hypothyroidism
- PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome
- Luteal phase defect
- Obesity
- Toxic exposure
- Chromosomal abnormalities.

My partner has poor sperm quality making it difficult to get pregnant- can anything be done to improve it?
Yes, we often joke with our male patients that we can take them from “dud to stud” in four months! Sperm health responds well to lifestyle changes, nutritional and herbal medicine, with improvements in motility and morphology.  We have helped a number of men with less than 2 % healthy sperm go on to father a child.

I’m over 40 – is it too late for me to get pregnant?
This very much depends on your general state of health as a healthy body is a fertile body regardless of age. There are blood tests we can do to determine your ovarian reserve – in other words how many eggs you have remaining in your ovaries.  If the number is low, we work on improving the quality of your remaining eggs to make sure  every egg counts and you have the best chance of conception.

I’ve been told I have “unexplained infertility” – can you help?
There is no such thing as “unexplained infertility”  There is always a reason why you can’t get pregnant.  It simply means that no-one has looked hard enough or dug deep enough to find the cause!

We guarantee we will leave no stone unturned until we can identify a cause and then go to work to fix it.
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