iStock 000013675496Small How to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and fast effective labour


Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also be challenging if things go wrong.

Our Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Programs are designed to support you right through pregnancy and labour until you finish breastfeeding.

We design a highly nutritious diet for you to make sure are eating the right foods and are taking the highest quality supplements to create a perfect baby.

Our programs can help you avoid miscarriage , and also treat you naturally for any of the less pleasant side effects of pregnancy such as morning sickness, reflux and constipation.

Towards the end of your pregnancy we will prescribe botanical medicines which have been used effectively for centuries to ensure you have a successful and problem free labour.

We also work with you to reduce the risk of your baby being born with allergies.

Once your baby is born we support you with great breastfeeding tips, making sure you have plenty of rich nutritious milk and also treating your newborn for any issues such as eczema, colic and poor sleep patterns.

Our aim is to help relieve any worry or anxiety so that you can simply enjoy this wonderful time in your life.

For more information please read our webpages on Healthy Pregnancy & Birth program and Successful Breast feeding program. We also have some inspiring books in our e shop.

  • exciting but challenging
  • programs support you till finish breastfeeding
  • highly nutritious diet, prescribe highest quality supplements to create a perfect baby
  • avoid miscarriage, treat side effects
  • end of pregnancy botanical medicines used effectively for centuries for successful and problem free labor
  • reduce risk of allergies
  • breastfeeding tips, plenty of rich milk
  • test newborn for eczema, colic etc
  • relieve worry, anxiety so you can enjoy this wonderful time in your life