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We are committed to safeguarding privacy of patient information and comply with the National Privacy Principles contained within the Privacy Act 1999 and the amendments made by the privacy amendments (Private Sector) Act 2000; a copy of our privacy policy is available on request.

When you attend this practice, we carry out what we consider to be the normal community standards of holistic medical care within the scope of naturopathic practice. We are not a medical practice and we do not treat disease nor prescribe or modify medical drug protocols. Test results or further information may be requested to be collected and a copy kept in our medical records. On occasion it may be necessary to collect information from other health professionals who have treated you in the past. Our practice requires our staff to treat your information confidentially and to be discreet.

All information gathered on this website will never be provided to third parties. Please be assured that we respect your privacy.

Copyright and Terms of Use

The material on this website is made available for the purpose of providing information to the public. All material, unless otherwise indicated, is owned by and copyright to Susan Garrad, Women’s Health, Naturally  (ABN 35 758 653 181)
Information from this website and associated files may be referenced, provided it is fully referenced to Women’s Health, Naturally and this website ( No information may be reproduced in part or whole without prior permission of Susan Garrad.


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